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  • Tel:+86-20 8768 2621
    Fax:+86-20 8768 2736
    Customer Hotline :400 8099 110
    E-mail: info@demobio.com

    Guangzhou Demobio Technologies Co., Ltd is located in High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Guangzhou Science Park HuangHuaGang, specializing in public safety rapid detection products, on-site safety products and supporting solutions for the development, manufacture and marketing services, is the Ministry of Public Security Bureau Narcotics fielded product suppliers. Main products are: drug / precursor chemical detection products, explosives detection products, toxic gas detection products, forensic / trace / DNA scene investigation products, ancillary products site survey testing, on-site protection products as well as other public safety field testing products and supplies. By providing high-quality products, excellent service, professional public safety site rapid detection solutions, Guangzhou street by the police, the judiciary, government testing agency widely welcomed and praised.

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